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One of the most adventurous times thrill seekers can experience involves undertaking a hike. No, this is not your everyday ascent to the top of a hill but involves fording rivers, grasping canyon walls and re-tracing ancient Mexican people’s footsteps.

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Baja’s Sierra de Guadalupe welcomes challengers to accept this rugged course; with exceptions. First, no travelers may enter these grounds unaccompanied and second, only those with licensed guides are welcomed. This is to ensure federally protected lands stay preserved.

In addition to the natural highlights Sierra de Guadalupe offers, historical sites are also visible. Each canyon here is home to ancient paintings or murals. After departing, guides take hikers on a four mile journey to reach their intended destination. While most of the hike is done on dry land, there are three river crossings that must be completed by swim, as they are too deep to walk. Participants are advised to wear lightweight, fast-drying clothing and shoes. Gear should be kept to a minimum and should include ample water supplies, a waterproof camera and necessary comfort items.

Depending on ability or time preference, there are both full and half day excursions available. If looking to view all canyon murals, hikers will need to complete the entire journey, as the murals are located at various points along the route. Regardless of excursion chosen, guides provide their guests with a simple meal and groups are always welcomed.

Guests wishing to participate in this kind of adventure hike will need to lodge in the town of Mulege where the licensed guides are based. Prices are based on the trip’s duration and, in addition to the whole and half day excursions, overnight guide-based trips may be available. Expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $75 for the guide’s service (includes tip). In the Baja region, Sierra de Guadalupe is just one of many sites that were once inhabited by ancient people. If you enjoy this experience, you may want to continue on and explore all of Baja’s historical canyon sites.

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