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I just spent a ton of time digging around online for information about Mexican insurance. I can’t believe how much contradictory information there is about it out there. Some sites claim that you always need it; others say that it’s optional. Some people say that the prices are the same everywhere, while others claim that prices vary. What I discovered is that you always have to do your own research before buying Mexican insurance. You just can’t take anyone else’s word for it. Fortunately, my search led me to Mexican Insurance Store. The site had the insurance that I needed, and it also includes a lot of information.

I didn’t want to head down to Mexico without being absolutely clear about what I needed to do to stay safe. I’ve learned that it always pays to be prepared, even if it means having to do a little extra work. The Mexican Insurance Store site was really useful because it included a lot of pertinent information. I was able to do research about the type of policy that I needed. I received a quote and purchased a policy directly through the site. I also found a lot of travel information on the site, so I knew just what I had to do to get into Mexico.

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