Mexican Insurance; Skip It and Heres What Could Happen!

No one will ever say that they love buying insurance. Whether it is life insurance, health insurance or car insurance, it isnt an expense most people are all that thrilled about. However, it is absolutely necessary, and a wise investment. If you are heading to Mexico, you need to invest in Mexican insurance. The thought of spending extra money on Mexican auto liability insurance may prompt you to skip it altogether. Before you make such a move, you need to be aware of the possible consequences of driving without Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store; learn about them below.

You will be Breaking the Law

It is in your best interests to obey the law while you are down in Mexico. If you choose to go without Mexican insurance, you will be breaking the law. The law in Mexico dictates that all drivers must be capable of meeting their financial obligations in the wake of an accident. That means that the cops must be satisfied that you can pay any bills that are caused by your actions. Short of driving around with oodles of cash on hand, Mexican auto liability insurance is the only way to fulfill this obligation.

Jail is a Real Possibility

If the cops discover that you do not have Mexican car insurance, they will probably choose to detain you until everything is sorted out. The problem is, people are found guilty until proven innocent down in Mexico. Even if the other driver is clearly at fault, the cops cannot take any chances. Until they are able to conduct their investigation, they have to work on the assumption that all parties are guilty. If you are unable to show the Mexican authorities that you can handle your financial obligations, they will hold you in jail just to make sure you dont try to leave the country without paying the damages.

Massive Bills could Ensue

Obviously, paying for medical and repair bills out of pockey is a great deal more costly than paying for Mexican insurance. If you end up being involved in an accident and are found to be at fault, you could end up paying through the nose. Instead of paying a reasonable deductible, you will have to fork over large amounts of cash. The overall cost of your vacation will skyrocket. When you look back, you will rue the moment that you decided to go without coverage. Do the right thing right from the beginning; buy Mexican car insurance before you head to Mexico. Mexican insurance; skip it and heres what could happen! To gain more info on vacation, simply visit URL.

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  • If you have no Mexican car insurance, and you met an accident, policemen will put you under detainment. If you can’t settle the issue you will stay inside a jail.

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