Mexican Insurance Rates and Traveling the Pan-American Highway!

Have you ever dreamed of heading south from the U.S. or Canada and driving all the way down to South America? Few people even consider such an undertaking, but it has been done. Intrepid adventurers routinely hop on to the Pan-American Highway to kick-start their long, southern journeys. To get through one of the longest legs of your trip – Mexico – you will need Mexican insurance. After you leave Mexico, you wont need to review and compare Mexican Insurance rates anymore; however, you still need to be careful. There is a lot of advice out there about making this trip; a few key points are outlined below.

What is the Pan-American Highway?

The smartest travelers always compare Mexican auto insurance reviews at prior to leaving, though. If you think that the Pan-American Highway is a single, massive road that leads all the way down to the tip of South America, think again. In reality, it is a network of different routes that have been stringed together and given the name. In other words, it is the most commonly traveled route of those who head down to South American from various points in North America.  Whether you embark from Alaska, Arizona or some point in between, always invest in reading Mexican auto insurance reviews first.

Where Does it Start and End?

With more than 29,000 miles of roads associated with it, the Pan-American Highway is decidedly vast. It officially begins in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska; it ends near the tip of South America. While it is technically possible to drive a vehicle that whole way, you probably won’t be able to take the same one to the tip. That’s because of the Darien Gap, which is located between Central America and South America. No highways or roads cross through this area, which features pristine rainforest; plans to develop it are always quashed.

Ditching Your Car in Central America

If youd like to join the list of people who have motored their way down from the U.S. or Canada to Patagonia, you will need to plan on leaving your car in Central America. To get through the Darien Gap, you will have to be creative. Those who have done so in the past have gone on foot, by ATV or by other means. Keep in mind that it will probably be the longest and most frustrating portion of your epic journey. If you’d like to skip out on it, just find an airport near the tip of Central America, hop on a plane and resume your efforts in the northern part of South America.

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