Mexican Insurance Rates and Fishing Licenses in Mexico!

Fishing Licenses for Fishing in Mexico!

Three sports fishermen on a power boat, proudly show their catch of fish near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Most people assume that fishing licenses are mandatory for fishing in Mexico. If you are a serious fisherman and plan on doing a lot of fishing while south of the border, especially if you’re positive that youll be doing so from boats and other flotation devices, it is imperative to obtain a fishing license from CONAPESCA, Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission. You should buy the license or licenses before you leave for best results.

Buy Your Fishing License and Mexican Insurance

Whether youll be fishing in Mexico or not, you will need review Mexican insurance rates if you plan on driving. Mexican car insurance can be purchased online. In fact, its much easier to buy Mexican auto insurance at than a fishing license. Better still, Mexican car insurance is very affordable. You could even buy Mexican auto insurance that will cover you for a full year for only a couple of hundred bucks. In other words, theres no good excuse not to buy this coverage before leaving.

Fishing from Shore? No License Necessary

Many families in Mexico rely heavily on the bounty that they pull from the sea. As a result, the Mexican government does not require fishing licenses for people who fish from the shore. The same applies to tourists; if you have no intention of fishing from a boat, you will not need a fishing license. Remember, though, that obtaining a fishing license in Mexico is time consuming and aggravating. If theres any chance at all that youll be fishing from a boat, bite the bullet and buy a fishing license before you head for the border.

Make Sure Everyones Covered

If you will be taking a boat out on a fishing excursion, make sure to buy fishing licenses for everyone who will be on board. In Mexico, every passenger on a vessel thats on the water for fishing must have their own individual fishing license. Basically, if you will have tackle, fishing poles and other related paraphernalia on board with you, everyone better have their own sports fishing licenses. Considering the face that you can buy a year long fishing license for under $60, its silly to run the risk of being caught without one. Like insurance for driving in Mexico, its better to be safe than sorry with a fishing license.

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