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Boat Towing in Mexico

The drive from Chula Vista to Loreto, Baja California Sur, is approximately 700 miles, but the time on the road is well worth it as you encounter both Pacific and Sea of Cortez sights en route. As you choose your Mexican insurance policy, you will want to opt for higher liability limits due to the fatality benefits for Baja del Sur. You will also want to be sure to consider issues like full coverage vs. liability when you get your Mexican insurance quotes so that you will be able to make the best decision based on your travel plans, vehicle, and financial interests.

Recreational Activities in Loreto

Because Loreto is located adjacent to the Sea of Cortez, much of the recreation in the area centers on the aquatic environment. Popular options include sport fishing, diving and wildlife observation. The spring months are particularly well-suited to whale watching and diving. Wildlife in the area includes dolphins and sea turtles as well as a variety of birds. Winter months are ideal for angling if you are interested in yellowtail, and the summer is great for catching blue marlin and sailfish. However, fishing is great year-round if you aren’t particular about the species in season.

Towing Boat or ATV’s 

You may want to tow your own boat or ATVs so that you can explore on your own terms. This can be much more affordable than chartering a fishing or whale-watching boat. However, you will want to use some of that savings to be sure that your Mexican insurance policy includes all important components needed for towing. While you could purchase a Mexican insurance policy on without towing coverage, an accident involving towing can result in the nullification of a policy based on incomplete Mexican insurance quotes that lack the specification of towed items or that include incorrect values for towed items. Be as accurate as possible. If you decide to tow extra items at the last minute, you need to adjust your Mexican insurance policy to ensure that your coverage is appropriate.

In addition to seaside activities, you will find lots of natural beauty in the Loreto area, perfect for hiking, biking and exploration. Don’t miss the famous cave paintings that have been specially protected by UNESCO.

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