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Your summer vacation may be mapped out to a T, but it’s wise to take a second look at your Mexican insurance policy before you go. Whether you are a seasoned Mexico traveler or a novice, Mexican insurance for cars is crucial for your driving in Mexico because the national law now requires coverage of all motorists. Although your policy information may never be checked, problems with your coverage in the event of an accident could be serious because this could be viewed as disregard for the nation’s laws.

Insufficient Liability Limits

Your Mexican insurance policy with is good throughout the Republic of Mexico.  However, you may not realize that each state’s requirements vary a bit. Recommended limits vary based on death benefits dictated by the nation’s labor law. This law projects a decedent’s wages for a period of 5,000 days. This can be extremely high in some states and low in others. Selecting low limits may seem sensible because of lower pricing. However, if you are traveling in a high-limit state, you will be responsible for any remaining damages not covered by your Mexican insurance policy. Know your itinerary and the recommended limits for the states you will visit. Use the state with the highest limit as your guide when you decide on the amount of Mexican insurance for cars to buy.

Not Planning for Partial Theft and Vandalism Situations

A full-coverage Mexican insurance policy does address your loss in case of total theft. However, the theft of parts can be an issue in some Mexican communities. It is possible to plan for this in your Mexican insurance. You can do it by selecting an expanded policy that addresses both partial theft and vandalism. Those who travel for service activities may want to consider this type of coverage if they expect to work within communities that are prone to such activity. However, it is important to realize that vandalism and partial theft are not always predictable. They can make the remainder of a vacation difficult due to the need for mechanical or other repairs. This is especially true if the funds for such work are your responsibility.

Understanding Partial Theft and Vandalism Coverage for Mexican Insurance!

Each Mexican insurance policy from comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge


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