Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance, accidents and the law in Mexico

If someone told you Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance isn’t technically necessary, you’ve been misinformed. The truth is that you can’t drive a car legally south of the border without taking “financial responsibility”. It’s true that you won’t see a Mexican auto insurance coverage mentioned in the Mexico law books, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t required. It’s the only reliable way to obey the law, which states that all drivers must be able to pay for damages or injuries that are caused by their actions and instantly. This is why everyone needs to carry valid Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance while south of the border.

Cash won’t do the Trick (unless you have a boatload)

Many people think they can buy their way out of anything down in Mexico. Bribery used to be rampant, but that’s not necessarily the case now. In fact, the police have to be especially careful. When a car accident happens, many people stop to help. If the cops arrive and accept bribes, they will be reported and could lose their jobs. They know this, so they won’t respond as favorably if you try to hand them cash and it’s a substantial accident or claim. If you can’t show them valid Mexican auto insurance coverage, you’ll have to be detained.

Paying for Your Damages with a valid Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance

It’s not fair to expect an innocent person to pay for repairs or medical care that is required due to someone else’s negligence. The law in Mexico therefore requires all drivers to be able to show proof that they can pay what they owe instantly. Those who are unable to do so are generally detained. The cops keep them locked up while they conduct their investigations. It could easily happen to you. There’s no way to predict how long you will sit in that cell, and your trip is sure to be ruined.

Mexican auto insurance coverage – It Really is the Law

For some reason, there are folks who like to say that Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance isn’t necessary. They say this despite the fact that it really is. You’ll see shacks at the border selling Mexican insurance policy, but it’s a lot easier to get Mexican auto insurance coverage  online. You will also get a much better deal. If you like to save money and don’t like waiting in long lines, make sure to buy your Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance online. After processing your payment, the site will allow you to print a copy of your policy. You’ll get to Mexico with top-notch Mexican auto insurance coverage, and you’ll be able to drive legally.

A Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance

Civil Law in Mexico

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