Mexican Insurance Policies – Why It’s Better to Purchase Online

Insurance sales associates issued paper-generated Mexican Insurance policies old-fashioned, usually in small neighborhood offices, and sent using the snail mail approach. It would be best if you now had Mexican Insurance to drive on any highway in Mexico.

In other words, the agent fills out all the paperwork manually, goes to the post office, and mails your policy to the company. Unfortunately, to minimize costs, many agents don’t ship anything until they can send 5 or 6 policies at one time. So handwritten applications may delay your policy for a few days.

Mexican insurance online

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On top of this, it may take up to 10 days for the batch to get past customs. Mexico City is where most of the major insurers are located. Then it must be processed and entered into their master computer database manually one at a time.

What happens if you have an accident and the insurer doesn’t have evidence of your Mexican Insurance policies? What happens if you have an accident on a weekend when almost all insurance agents are closed? Is the ONLY company able to respond is your insurance company?

You are held until the authorities can confirm that you have the means to pay for any damages you are deemed to have caused. So your insurer needs to quickly verify all Mexican Insurance policies.

The Internet is not ALWAYS a wrong choice!

Electronically generated  Mexican Insurance policies are made available to insurers claims personnel 24 hours a day and can be downloaded into their verification systems in minutes. This allows for quicker response & verification time while you are on vacation.

Mexican Insurance Policies – Why It’s Better to Purchase Online


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