Mexican Insurance Options for Senior Citizens Traveling to Mexico

Mexican Insurance options for Senior Citizens Traveling to Mexico!

Whether it is boarding a cruise ship and sailing down the Baja coastline, driving your RV from one part of Mexico to another or flying in to your destination; seniors, particularly those staying at hotels in popular areas, can get some of the best hotel travel deals possible. Since many travel items have to be paid for before the actual travel date, they must be paid in full using a valid credit card. Once in Mexico, currency exchanges allow for instant discounts. Remember you need to check your Mexican Insurance options before you consider driving in Mexico.

Because the dollar goes much further than the peso, converting your liquid currency into pesos should be performed at a bank or the hotel’s concierge service area soon after arriving. This way, right from the start, you can take advantage of the extra savings.

The Mexican government does not honor foreign car insurance policies so if you are considering driving in Mexico, you must obtain Mexican auto insurance. The cost of insurance is minimal when you consider that if you are in an auto accident in Mexico and are driving without checking out good quality Mexican insurance options , you will be jailed until verification that payment for the accident and all related costs can be made. Related costs could include compensation for the people involved in the accident as well as the support of their families while they are recuperating. Mexican Auto Insurance through companies authorized to sell policies is essential. For more information about the best Mexican insurance options for you, visit Mexico Insurance resources by Mexican Insurance Options include FREE Roadside Assistance.

For seniors looking for a self-paced vacation where they can choose their own itineraries, consider booking your vacation with as many name-brand airlines, cruise lines, motor coaches and hotels are possible. These will generally offer a senior discount; helping to stretch your dollar.

The only downside to booking your own travel package is that you must plan itinerates yourself or with the help of your accommodation’s Guest Services Department. This can be a time-consuming process, however many hotels have pre-arranged tour and activity prices in place with preferred vendors.

If looking for a packaged tour option, consider booking a trip with Elderhostel. This senior travel, educational organization strives to provide learning opportunities for mature travelers. Elderhostel vacations are great for senior travelers looking for planned itineraries, guided tours and senior-friendly accommodations.

Whether choosing a self-prepared or packaged vacation, if needing special accommodations, be sure to call or email ahead of time so these can be reserved. Handicapped accessible facilities are available in all major chain hotels and many have scooter rental services.

Plan ahead, take advantage of senior discounts and enjoy the fact that Mexican culture values its senior population. You’ll be a welcomed and respected guest in this friendly land.

Mexican Insurance Options for Senior Citizens Traveling to Mexico are crutial for keeping protected.

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