Mexican Insurance Online and the Remarkable Caves of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula!

View of the Chichen itza cenote in the yucatan

When most people think of Mexicos Yucatan peninsula, Mayan ruins spring right to mind. After all, the peninsula is famous for them. Theres much more to the Yucatan than its remarkable ruins though, as the landscape is studded with amazing scenery and great places to explore.

Getting to Loltun

The drive to the Yucatan peninsula and Loltun is a long one. You need to arm yourself with first rate Mexican insurance online policy. Order and print a quality Mexican auto Insurance policy, from the comfort of your own home. Keep proof of your Mexico car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store with you throughout your trip. If you go without Mexican auto insurance, you could end up in heaps of trouble. In fact, people who drive without Mexican insurance often end up behind bars. Your trip to the Loltun Cave could be ruined if you choose not to buy Mexican car insurance, dont risk it.

About the Cave

The word “Lol Tun” means “Flower Rock” in ancient Mayan language. The Mayans left their mark on this extensive cave, in the form of a series of amazing wall paintings. Tools and animal bones have also been found throughout the cave, indicating long term human occupation. It is believed that humans inhabited the cave, on and off, for at least 10,000 years. By roaming around the cave, then, you can step back through time and get an idea about what life was like for people so many years ago.

Exploring Loltun Cave

Topnotch tours of the Loltun Cave are available. During those tours, you will get to see many different artifacts and wall paintings. Negative face paintings are among the most eerie things that you will see in the Loltun Cave. There are also depictions of animals and other things. As you explore the cave, your guide will tell you more about what has been discovered there and about what historians have discerned from those discoveries. By the time you leave, you will have a newfound appreciation for the ancient civilizations that once called this idyllic peninsula home. You will never look at the Yucatan peninsula in the same way again, either. Explore the remarkable caves of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula!

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