Mexican Insurance: Mexico Sky Tours Adventure!

Mexican Insurance: Mexico Sky Tours Adventure!

For the adventure seeker or those who prefer a more leisurely aerial tour, Mexico delivers with various sky encounters. From Playa de Carmen to the Yucatan and throughout Mexico, whether it is relaxing in a narrated plane ride or physically experiencing the atmosphere by participating in a skydive, all offer the chance to see this beautiful and diverse country from a unique vantage point.

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Both experienced and inexperienced sky divers will enjoy participating in a tandem skydive. For those who may not know, a tandem skydive is where your instructor will accompany you (attached) on your skydive to help guide you with jumping and safety protocols. Before being flown to 10,000 feet, divers will take a safety course that includes instruction regarding safe jumping, landing and body positioning techniques. Once outside the plane, the entire descent lasts less than 10 minutes. Since these popular adventures have limited admission, it is recommended to reserve your place as early as possible.

Fees vary based on jump and season (off-season may offer a discount) but cost no more than $250 per person.   Helicopter and small aircraft take visitors high into the air to view panoramic Mexico. While these are time-sensitive tours lasting around 30 minutes, they can be customized with extended trip times. Passengers should budget approximately $100 a piece for the tour; however if they are able to locate a larger capacity aircraft, the individual amounts will be less. Otherwise, most helicopter and small plane tours prefer to have two people (pilot + participant) on board.

If looking to take this excursion as a couple, your best bet is to locate a helicopter tour. Itineraries last from 25 to 45 minutes and cost anywhere from $200 to $300. This price is based on the fee and does not include any taxes or tips. Remember when offered any kind of service or guide in Mexico, if receiving exceptional service, a tip for the instructor or guide is always welcomed.

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