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Just as it is polite to tip in your home country for good service, it is just as mannerly to tip while visiting Mexico. Many Mexican workers either work low wages or only for tips, so it is very important to follow these guidelines when tipping.

Since many prices are lower, tipping 15 to 20% can sometimes result in a tip under a dollar. If having pesos on hand, it is perfectly fine to tip using coins; however, if paying in U.S. dollars, be sure to round up to the next whole dollar.

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Paying with non-Mexican coins is a useless endeavor, as banks will not accept American coinage and they cannot be exchanged for Mexican pesos.

Always tip promptly after service. While a traveler may be used to tipping a housekeeper daily, in Mexico it is customary to tip the housekeeper at the end of your stay, as the final service to the guest has been rendered. Likewise, if an interpreter or travel guide takes you on a multi-day adventure, be sure to tip at the end of the outing’s last day.

Note: if tipping in front of a group of people, be sure to privately tip the guide or service provider, as some people will tip different amounts. In order to prevent any hurt feelings, the tip amount is to remain confidential. An alternative to tipping publicly is to have a thank you card prepared with the tip enclosed.

Additionally, show gratitude for those who go out out of their way to help. If a bellman delivers mail or packages to your door, or an employee promptly fixes a problem such as air conditioning, TV or plumbing, be sure to provide a gratuity. These small considerations go a long way and can make your visit to the Mexico much more pleasant.

Some of the suggested service providers to tip include: tour guides and interpreters, hotel housekeepers and bellmen, spa therapists, restaurant servers and any service attendant providing exceptional attention and customer service.

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