Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store; Travel Trips for Driving in Mexico

Señor Mex says: There are lots of basic details to deal with before you travel to Mexico. This article provides an excellent list of some of the most important issues for U.S. citizens who want to visit by car. In addition to passports, it’s important to have the right vehicle documentation. As pointed out in the article, your U.S. auto insurance isn’t valid in Mexico. While some U.S. companies will cover your loss, the Mexican government won’t recognize them for compensating Mexican citizens or entities suffering loss. Working with Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is great because the providers are legitimate Mexican companies.

It’s important to select appropriate indemnity levels when you buy your Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store coverage. It’s also important to be a vigilant driver during your time in Mexico. The article provides helpful considerations for your travel on toll roads and your need to be aware if you drive at night. Some destinations require many hours on the road, but it’s always wise to split your trip into manageable segments for safety’s sake.

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Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

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Coastal Living Article:

Visitors love Mexico for the culture, beaches, and activities. But your first step is getting there. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a Mexican getaway.

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  • Danille Chenoweth
    October 17, 2014 5:22 pm

    The most important documents that you need to carry while driving down to Mexico includes your passport, tourist visa and Mexican auto insurance. They will ensure you easy driving.

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