Mexican Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store & Easy Border Entry

Señor Mex says: Many tourists wonder about issues like safety, shopping and methods of entry for Mexico. This article is a great perspective on walking across the border to check out the shopping and dining scene in Nogales. The account includes an example of bartering and gives a great view of the types of products you can shop for in a border zone. The tip about expecting to pay about half of what you are originally quoted on goods in shops is great, although not all shops are open to haggling over prices.

Many tourists who love Mexico begin their adventures into the country in this fashion, leaving their cars on the U.S. side and walking. However, a big shopping expedition can be tough if you can’t carry all of your purchases back. Additionally, you may find yourself wanting to stray further and further from the tourist zone, looking for ways to explore more interesting areas. Safety is important, and attention to issues like purchasing Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store will allow you to cover some of the bases. As the article notes, it’s important to avoid wearing flashy jewelry or waving your pocketbook around. Since US car insurance is invalid, popular Mexican Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is needed in order to meet financial responsibility laws in Mexico.

Consider Mexican Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store for all your Mexican insurance needs.


Mexican Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

Nogales Border Crossing and Tourist Map Article

Should you or shouldn’t you cross the border into Nogales, Mexico? We were surprised by the ease of crossing the border and what was to be found on the other side.

Read the full article here.

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