Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store & Chinese Cuisine in Mexicali

Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store & Chinese Cuisine in Mexicali

Señor Mex says: You may be surprised to know that in its beginnings, the Northern Baja city of Mexicali had a greater Chinese presence than Mexican. The involvement of Chinese immigrants on the development of an irrigation system as laborers for the Colorado River Land Company brought them to the area, and many continued in the area when the project concluded. The city’s Chinesaca, Chinatown, is much smaller today than in past years. However, Mexicali is an excellent place to find Chinese food as the city has the most Chinese restaurants per capita in Mexico. You may find that there are differences in the types of dishes and flavors you will find, but it’s an interesting cultural experience.

If you plan to drive across to check out the Mexican version of Chinese cuisine, you need to be sure that you select Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. All motorists in Northern Baja are expected to carry valid Mexican insurance, and it’s essential that you select a product with an appropriate indemnity limit (like Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store) that is consistent with the country’s labor law. You can contact an agent by phone or email to be sure of the requirements for Mexicali. All Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store includes Free Roadside Assistance.

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Mexican insurance

Chinese Cuisine in Mexicali

Wikipedia Article:

Chinatown, Mexicali is claimed to have the largest per capita concentration of residents of Chinese origin, around 5,000, by Mexicali. While this does not compare to U.S. cities like San Francisco or New York, early in the 20th century Mexicali was numerically and culturally more Chinese than Mexican.

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