Mexican insurance for US cars and Maramoros

If you are a history buff, then you may find a trip to Matomoros, Mexico, to be a great way to spend your next vacation. Although many would consider walking across, thorough exploration of the area is easier with your own car, making Mexican insurance for US cars policies important. The active economic hub is also a major historical site, and it is conveniently located just across the border from Brownsville, Texas. You can buy Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store just before crossing, but when you get your Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance, you can be sure of your coverage options.

Now that you have Mexican insurance for US cars, how do you get to Matamoros?

Interstate 69 heads south through Brownsville to Veterans International Bridge, the source of entry into Mexico. The town is really the last major port of entry from the U.S. into Mexico, making it the idea border crossing for most central and eastern states in the U.S. There are additional crossings between the two cities, but this is the newest. It has been open since 1909.

If you will remain in the city, you may not need to invest in a vehicle permit. However, your Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is still important. Your Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance is your proof of being able to pay if you are responsible for damages in an accident. Your selection of Mexican insurance for US cars provides you with free roadside assistance and legal help in case of trouble, well worth the effort of finding Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store.

You wil find the city to be a friendly place, appealing to tourists and providing lots of directions to reach attractions. It’s always important to practice safe driving, avoiding distractions and sticking to areas that are well-developed. Enjoy historical spots like Casa Cross and Casamata Museum for learning more about the city’s past. You can also explore shopping venues, cathedrals and theaters to get a perspective of today’s culture in the area.

Returning to the U.S.

The U.S. port of entry is open on a 24-hour basis, but you will need your passport or passport card to re-enter the country. You should make sure that your Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance is in effect until you leave Mexico. A lapse could result in problems in a last-minute wreck. Verify details when you buy Mexican insurance for US cars.

Mexican insurance for US cars is required across the border!

Mexican insurance for US cars

Matamoros Mexico border town

Maramoros Mexico Information

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