Mexican Insurance for Cars And Mazatlan Travel

If an exotic beach vacation sounds excellent, Mazatlán is a popular destination. While many opt for travel by air or water, taking your car will allow you to have some freedom to explore while you are there. First, however, you need to make sure to buy Mexican insurance for cars before you cross the border. You can handle your Mexico car insurance policy during your early planning stages. You can take your time to review the time periods, indemnity limits, and features of Mexican insurance for cars.

Mexican insurance for cars

Getting to Mazatlán with a Mexico car insurance policy

There are several border crossings to consider for your drive to Mazatlán. Each will cause a slight variance in your mileage and time for travel. The most direct route is from the Nogales border crossing. After entering the country, you will need to stop for a vehicle permit and your tourist visas. In addition, you may need to show your car insurance. Once you are done with these formalities, the drive is relatively straightforward on Mexico Highway 15.

While your driving distance of approximately 726 miles will take about 12.5 hours, you can break it up into two or three-day segments to enjoy the culture, cuisine, and scenery en route. A Mexico car insurance policy from Mexican Insurance Store includes emergency help options so that you can get assistance with problems like flat tires, overheating, or running out of gas. Full coverage Mexican insurance for cars also covers vandalism and theft claims if you encounter any serious incidents.

Things to do in Mazatlán

While the beach is a main attraction in the area, you’ll also want to find time for sightseeing. There are architectural treasures to view, including lighthouses, basilicas, and plazas. Check out Old Mazatlán for some of the most popular sites. Next, explore Malecón, a four-mile boardwalk that features many statues and monuments. If you need to extend your vacation to fit everything you want to see, you can purchase additional car insurance. Besides monitoring your auto insurance, you should keep track of deadlines listed on your vehicle permit. You can always make this an annual destination if you fall in love with the seaside city.

Mexican insurance for cars at Mexican Insurance Store will get you to your destination safely!

When is the Best Time to Drive to Mexico with Mexican insurance coverage?

Mexican insurance for cars at Mexican Insurance Store

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