Mexican Insurance for Cars and Driving on Mexican Highways

Driving on Mexican highways can be exciting, especially as you take in the views of mountainous areas of mainland Mexico or gorgeous stretches of the Pacific Ocean along the Baja Peninsula. There are some important precautions to take as you travel. The most important precaution is making sure that you have a comprehensive Mexican insurance for cars. While many people stop at border booths to buy a Mexico insurance for cars at the last minute, it’s much more sensible to research Mexican insurance for cars options online so that you are certain of adequate liability levels when you go. provides you with an overview of what you need and why.

Mexican insurance for cars

Toll Road vs. Libre

Mexican toll roads can be pricey, and it’s often tough to know the exact cuota, cost, before you get there. Some travelers try to save by skipping the toll option in lieu of libre roads. The free roads may be cheaper, but their conditions can lead to costly problems. Whether you encounter a washed out section or a huge obstruction, your trip could be delayed, sending you back to the toll road. Save the gas and stick to the toll road if you aren’t familiar with the region. Your Mexican insurance for cars policy will be helpful if you experience damage to your vehicle along the way.

Small Town Traffic

As you travel on major highways, you need to be ready to adapt as you move into small towns. Rural residents aren’t necessarily used to fast-moving traffic, and you can encounter individuals walking across these roads with little interest in oncoming vehicles. The last thing you want to do is hit one of these pedestrians. If you don’t have an adequate Mexico insurance for cars policy, you could wind up in the custody of authorities, and getting matters resolved can be difficult.

Small town businesses often include bars and restaurants. While you may be traveling appropriately, an inebriated local could throw a huge wrench in your plans. Pay special attention to the traffic at roadside businesses as you move through small towns. You can also encounter inexperienced drivers in many of the rural areas. Don’t assume that the other drivers are going to correctly observe the rules of the road. Your defensive driving habits should be at their best when you are around other traffic on the highway through small towns. Fortunately, your purchase of a comprehensive Mexican insurance for cars policy will help if there are any incidents.

Do you usually buy Mexican insurance for cars online or at the border?

Mexican Insurance for Cars

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  • Marylouise Bosworth
    February 20, 2017 4:25 pm

    A traveler using his car in Mexico is at high risk of getting into a road accident. Such traveler is in extreme need of Mexico insurance.

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