Mexican Insurance for Canadians – Review Your Policy for New Year’s Travel

Mexican Insurance for Canadians

The Yucatan Peninsula – Mexico

The end of the current year is a good time to review your Mexican insurance for Canadians. This is true, whether you are planning a long trip or several short trips to Mexico.  Requirements for foreigners may not have changed dramatically since the last year. However, it’s good to make sure that your contact details are up to date in case last-minute changes affecting your Mexico insurance do not occur. It is helpful to note that Mexico now requires coverage of all motorists, foreigners, and nationals. As a result, there could be a greater potential for review of Mexican car insurance for Canadians and others in the coming months.

Review Limits and Plans

It is important to understand that traveling to a different state may require adjustments in your Mexican insurance. This applies if your previous travels have focused on just one location. Each state has different liability limits that are based on average wages in the area. As a result, a multi-state trip may take you through areas with high or low limit requirements. Your Mexican car insurance for Canadians must be sufficient. And it must be enough to cover costs for death benefits to survivors if you are in a fatal accident and found to be responsible for the fatality. One of the best ways to plan for multi-state travel is to opt for the highest liability limits available in your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians.

Effects of Vehicle Changes on Your Mexico Insurance for Canadians

As your vehicle ages, the car’s value will change. This makes it important to review the value of your policy each year. Review resources such as Kelley Blue Book for current values, and adjust your Mexican insurance for Canadians appropriately. On the plus side, you can typically expect premiums for your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians to decrease as your vehicle’s value declines over time.

It is important to generate a separate Mexico insurance for a separate vehicle. This is important if you will drive a new vehicle to Mexico in the coming year. You must include relevant details into your Mexican car insurance for Canadians. An example of this detail is if you will be traveling in a new manner, towing for example, 

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