Mexican Insurance for Canadian Drivers – Making Practical Travel Decisions

Practical preparations for your Mexico vacation will include considering supplies to take and supplies you can purchase during your stay. If your trip is more than a few days, you may be concerned about the availability and quality of goods in local stores. Your Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers is one of the essential steps in preparing ahead of time. Purchasing a Mexican auto insurance policy while in Mexico could provide you with substandard coverage. Buying your car insurance at the border offers little opportunity for comparison. For best value and quality, this is one product worth buying before you leave home. Mexican Insurance for Canadian drivers is now required to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers

Availability of Consumable Products in Mexico

You’ll find that large cities have many options for buying groceries, paper goods, and other supplies. A chain like Calimax or Costco, for example, allows you a large selection of branded or bulk goods. In addition, most neighborhoods have small stores, known as tienditas, that cater to the basic daily needs of locals. Here, you’ll find everything from laundry detergent and toilet paper to evaporated milk and cooking oil. Small communities lack chain grocery stores. Instead, you will find expanded versions of the tienditas, providing slightly more selection and possibly better pricing. Many tiendita operators shop these bigger stores, marking things up to generate a slight profit. Some travelers enjoy local shopping experiences, and others prefer to stock up in advance before crossing the border.

Marking up prices can happen with Mexican insurance. Go-betweens often up the pricing for policies to generate a profit. Buying car insurance online can cut out the middle man, providing better pricing and greater selection. When you look up a quote for Mexican auto insurance on the computer, you can review features, deductibles, liability limits, and assistance services. Some top auto insurance policies provide important options like fixed-rate deductibles, free roadside help, and ample legal protection. While it’s hopeful that you won’t need to file a claim with your Mexican car insurance for Canadian drivers, it’s nice to know that your coverage is adequate.

Mexican Insurance for Canadian Drivers from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance.


Mexico insurance from & policy info

Mexican Insurance for Canadian Drivers

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  • Blair Castaneda
    May 25, 2014 5:11 pm

    Canadian travelers have a tough job while being the captain of their vehicle as they need to keep themselves hydrated for the long trip to Mexico. It is vital to keep them stocked with supplies. Make sure to buy Mexican insurance.

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