Mexican insurance for Baja – Three Mexican Legal Issues to Understand Before You Travel

Mexican insurance for Baja

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Mexican insurance for Baja – Three Mexican Legal Issues to Understand Before You Travel

Mexico’s use of a Napoleonic system can seem unfair to a foreigner, but the presumption of guilt should be taken seriously as you travel. Tourists are not granted special privileges when facing potential penalties for offenses, making it important to know enough about the laws to avoid serious trouble. Many legal requirements are common sense issues, but there are a few that could cause you serious problems if you are caught in violation of the law. Your Mexican insurance for Baja is required by law, and failure to have sufficient coverage could land you in both legal and financial trouble. You can easily buy Mexico insurance online so that you don’t risk any offenses in this regard. Mexican insurance for Baja from is top-rated and easily affordable.

Drinking Age and Public Drunkenness

Because Mexico’s legal age for consumption of alcoholic beverages is 18, it can be tempting for young adults to travel across the border with the intention of indulging. However, public drunkenness is an offense, and authorities in border communities may not be tolerant of inebriated individuals who cause trouble. Mexican insurance for Baja does not cover drivers under the age of 21, meaning that the 18-year-old will have a tough time driving legally in the country. Since drunk driving is a serious offense across the border, it is wise to have a designated driver who is also legally covered by your Mexican insurance for Baja.


It is illegal to take guns or ammunition into Mexico. If you are caught with either, you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. Even a loose shell in your vehicle can create problems, making it important to inspect your vehicle before you reach the border if there is the possibility of such items being contained within.


A child who is traveling without one or both parents present in the country must have a notarized written consent from the parent or parents not present. The only exception would be if one parent has sole custody, in which case the documentation of this fact must also be carried.

When you buy Mexico insurance online, you gain access to legal assistance related to any accidents that might occur.

Mexican insurance for Baja from comes with roadside assistance, legal and bail bond throughout Mexico

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  • Inell Sewell
    April 14, 2015 6:10 pm

    Understanding Mexican law is a must especially when you’re a foreigner driving on the road. One problem is by not getting proper Mexican insurance. Foreigners are not given special privileges when they encounter potential legal problems.

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