Mexican Insurance for Autos Improves Your Options!

Mexican insurance for autos

If you’ve never driven in Mexico, you need to purchase Mexican insurance for autos. Buying a Mexico car insurance policy isn’t just a good idea. It’s required by law that you have a valid policy when you drive in Baja. Looking for an adventuresome vacation that won’t cost a fortune? Have you thought about heading south of the border? Baja provides you with some great scenery and some interesting activities to consider. If you’ve never visited, you’ll enjoy the adventure of simply navigating new territory. Mexican insurance for autos is vital for your safety.


Fishing adventures

Baja provides you with lots of options for fishing. You can find a charter for either the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific at various points on the peninsula. Research in advance to find a charter in Ensenada, San Felipe or Mulege. You’ll also find great options in the San Quintín Valley with beaches and the bay. You can bring your own boat, but make sure that you select your auto insurance so that it includes your boat and trailer. If you have an incident and haven’t covered your boat with a Mexico car insurance, you could end up dealing with coverage issues for your vehicle as well.

Zip lines

Surprisingly close to the U.S. border, you’ll find a zip line tour just outside of Ensenada. Las Canadas is popular with tourists as well as Mexicans, and it includes camping and water features for a fun recreational time. The zip line tour is a great way to have some extra adventure. Some of your most challenging driving will be getting through the border zone in Tijuana before heading out on Mexican Highway 1. Your Mexican insurance for autos covers you from the moment you enter Mexico until you leave. Make sure that your Mexico car insurance is valid during your entire stay in the area. If your policy lapses, you won’t be covered.

Extending your vacation

If you find that you want to explore an area further, it’s not difficult to extend your policy or purchase additional Mexican insurance for autos. Find an Internet café with printers, and it will only take a short time to buy and print an additional car insurance policy.

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Parachuting down to Mexico


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