Mexican Insurance Coverage – What Do All of Those Terms Mean?

Mexican Insurance Coverage

Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Mexican Insurance Coverage  – What Do All of Those Terms Mean?

Although you may feel like rolling the dice to see which Mexican insurance coverage to select for your coming trip, a basic understanding of terms and features can help you to make a more informed decision. A side-by-side comparison chart makes it easier to evaluate your Mexican car insurance quote online. This also provides clarification on many of the following terms.

  • Liability limits – this refers to the amount of Mexican insurance coverage provided in case of an accident. A combined limit for bodily injury and property damage allows for the coverage amount to address one or both issues up to the total limit if needed. Some policies split the liability limits to partially address bodily injury and to partially address property damage.

  • Comprehensive coverage – also known as full coverage, a comprehensive Mexican car insurance quote online indicates that coverage is primarily intended to address damages suffered by another party in an accident. Your vehicle is not covered. Medical coverage may be available if you are injured in an incident involving an uninsured motorist.

  • Roadside assistance – reliable Mexican insurance coverage may provide additional benefits like roadside support. This emergency benefit allows you to get help if you run out of gas or get locked out of your vehicle. You can also seek help for a breakdown that leaves you stranded on a Mexican road or highway.

  • Repair rates – your vehicle repair costs with comprehensive Mexican insurance coverage are different based on the policy you select. You can qualify for U.S. labor rates in some cases, helpful if your damages are better addressed by a familiar mechanic back home.

  • Partial theft and vandalism although your comprehensive policy allows for a claim to be filed in case of the total theft of your vehicle, vandalism and theft of parts is a common issue to consider. This type of coverage is available in an expanded comprehensive policy. It is important to consider this risk as you evaluate your Mexican insurance quote online.

Because coverage is a requirement by law, you will want to research your Mexican insurance coverage options carefully to ensure that you obtain a reliable policy with strong ratings

Mexico Insurance; Liability Only or Comprehensive Full Coverage!

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