!Mexican Insurance – Cinco de Mayo History!

Every year Mexicans and even many Americans celebrate the Mexican festival of Cinco de Mayo. The story begins with the war between Mexico and France which occurred simultaneously with the Civil War in the United States.

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The Mexican army was ill-equipped. Under the leadership of the General Ignacio Zaragoza, the Mexican army would make a historic stand on the Cinco de Mayo.

This victory would thrill a young and fledgling Mexican government that was able to temporarily thwart a foreign invader and show its strength as an independent nation.

The first president of Mexico was a liberal named Benito Juarez. He ascended to leadership in 1861. Juarez assumed power in a bankrupt country, and the President had to forego repaying debts to European nations.

The countries of Spain, Britain, and France retaliated by sending their ships to Veracruz to demand payment.

Mexico was able to use diplomacy to get the British and Spanish to leave. However, Napoleon III of France wanted to occupy Mexico. Later in the same year, the French navy attacked Veracruz and Juarez had no choice but to withdraw.

A hodge-podge group of 2,000 patriots was organized and rallied by Juarez and commanded by General Zaragoza. At Puebla de Los Angeles, the Mexicans defeated the French on the Cinco de Mayo (fifth of May) from their fortified town.

The day’s battle resulted in almost 500 French dead and less than 100 Mexican dead.

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!Mexican Insurance – Cinco de Mayo History!

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