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When most travelers think of Mexico, they automatically think of the Spanish language. Exploring the country as a whole, this is only partially true. Depending on areas visited, most Mexican people either speak Spanish, or both the Spanish and English languages.

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With a culture as diverse as Mexico’s, even travelers who have prepared ahead of time may have a hard time understanding locals, as many residents, especially in border towns, have developed their own hybrid language. Combining Spanish words with their English translations has created a new vocabulary. Fortunately, for travelers with little to no Spanish knowledge, this works out perfectly.
In more long-established areas like the Yucatan Peninsula region, both Spanish and English languages take a backseat to indigenous tongues. Directly descended from their Mayan ancestors, these native Mexicans still speak using many of the preserved, ancient languages. While many have vanished, as an effort to preserve their heritage, natives choose to speak these over the country’s national language, Spanish.

No matter where travelers go in Mexico, even the most well-versed Spanish student may find the country different. Not sounding anything like a high school or college language class, Mexico’s Spanish is Latin-American based, whereas textbooks tend to teach European Spanish common to Spain. While the dialects may sound somewhat unfamiliar, the words remain the same. Listen carefully and after a while, the language will become like second nature.

If encountering someone not speaking your language and an interpreter is not around, use gestures. Spanish people use many when communicating and chances are, if the expression can be communicated by gesturing, your intended recipient will understand. Learning basic Spanish phrases combined with hand gestures will help ease language barriers and show Mexican people you are genuinely interested in communicating. Remember to speak slowly as the pronunciation may resemble broken Spanish and if a person looks confused, repeat the statement with a more detailed hand gesture.

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Mexican Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store
Enjoy and learn Spanish language in Mexico

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