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There are several holidays in the next few weeks that may warrant buying Mexican car insurance coverage. If you enjoy short trips during long weekends, then you have a few great opportunities to cross the border. However, you don’t want to drive in Mexico without Mexico car insurance policy. Make sure your Mexican insurance at covers you for the entire duration of your trip.

Mexican insurance

Martin Luther King Day

Many will have a long weekend because of the Martin Luther King holiday. Make the most of the first three-day weekend of the year by heading south to enjoy great food and a relaxed pace. You might enjoy the beaches of Rosarito or the seaside activity of Ensenada. Arizona residents can look for a bit of recreation in Rocky Point. San Felipe is another popular spot for short vacations in the northern part of Mexico. Limited driving to these destinations makes them great for the person who needs to get to a location and relax.

Mexican insurance at is now required!

Mexican car insurance at is important for the entire trip even if you won’t be driving much once you arrive. Even an accident involving a parked car can create legal and financial problems for an owner who lacks authentic Mexican insurance at

Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day

This year provides an exciting prospect for those wanting to escape the winter blues. Think red with Valentine’s Day as you and your love get away for a three-day weekend. Head out in the early afternoon, and stay through the extended weekend. Because Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, you might want to start out a day early. There are lots of beautiful resorts in northern parts of Mexico, especially in seaside locations like Ensenada and Rocky Point. You might even want to propose if the setting is just right. Regardless, you can enjoy fantastic food, gorgeous sunsets, and seaside romance. Buying Mexico car insurance from is the first step towards a great weekend.

Thinking ahead to spring break

If you enjoy your short trip into Mexico, you can think forward to spring break activities as well. You may want to think about buying annual Mexican insurance coverage. This is so that you can travel without worrying about time limits on your return trips. Mexico car insurance also saves you the trouble of having to stop at border booths.

Mexican insurance at gives you peace of mind!

Mexican insurance at

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  • Even when considering short-term trips to Mexico getting full Mexico insurance helps as it enables you to easily travel in and out of the country throughout the year without limits.

  • Lillian Erving
    January 20, 2014 5:05 pm

    You might want to plan for short-term holidays particularly at this time of the year such as the Valentine’s Day and the Martin Luther King Day, so it’s good to make a point of buying car insurance on time in order to enjoy fun hotspots across the border.

  • Lorenzo Shipman
    March 28, 2014 6:32 pm

    Even when considering short-term trips to Mexico getting full Mexican insurance helps as it enables you to easily travel in and out of the country throughout the year without limits.

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