Mexican insurance at & New Year’s Eve

Have you thought about spending New Year’s Eve in Baja? There are some great options for enjoying the festivities in style. Mexican insurance at can be purchased online so that you can skip the shops at the border as you head into the country. Buying authentic Mexico car insurance from only takes a few minutes, and then you can cross the border without any issues.

Ensenada resorts

Head south early in the afternoon to enjoy the beauty of the Ensenada coastline. You can return to the scenic overlook at the entrance to the city for sunset so that you don’t miss the captivating beauty of the colorful sky. Ring in the New Year during a resort celebration in the tourist district.

 Mexican insurance at is required!

Evening driving in Mexico can be more risky. It’s important to be observant, especially in tourist areas where there is a lot of pedestrian activity. If you decide to join those walking, it’s important to pay attention to traffic patterns. It’s also important to make sure your liability limits are sufficient when looking at Mexico car insurance from When you obtain a quote for Mexican insurance at, you can select from a range of limits for the provider you prefer, but it’s critical that your coverage be enough to meet the Baja Norte death benefit level, prescribed in the nation’s 502 labor law. This amount varies throughout the nation, based on the average wages in a given state. Check the charts provided on the pages for your Mexico car insurance from so you don’t travel with insufficient coverage.

Rural community observances

Throughout the nation, Mexicans often ring in the next year as they enjoy tamales and fireworks. Join a small community party in your favorite town or at a beach campground. Be prepared for chilly night conditions in Baja. In addition to making sure that you have the right travel apparel, make sure that you have the right type of coverage when you buy Mexican insurance at If you will tow a trailer so that you can spend New Year’s Eve on the beach, then make sure that it is included on your Mexico car insurance from

Mexican insurance at gives you peace of mind!

Mexican insurance at

New Years Eve, Cancun

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  • Kristina Penna
    February 26, 2014 4:29 pm

    If you’d love to spend your New Year’s Eve in Baja or in some of the best Ensenada Resorts, ensure you buy proper Mexico car insurance before your drive across the border.

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