Your driving style at home may be reflective of the manner in which you will drive in a foreign setting. It is important to keep your surroundings in mind as you travel and to pay attention to the road for damage and other unexpected features. While your Mexican insurance at is primarily required for meeting the expectations of Mexican authorities with regard to your liabilities in an accident, you are just as likely to encounter problems that don’t involve another vehicle. Luckily, a Mexican auto insurance policy from has you covered for roadside emergencies. However, your damages being covered will depend on the type of coverage you select.

Liability coverage limitations

When you buy a liability-only policy, your Mexican insurance at serves as proof to authorities that you are able to meet your financial obligations if you are responsible for an accident. While you need to be attentive to road conditions and traffic to limit your potential for a wreck, it’s good to know that your Mexican auto insurance policy from is recognized and accepted by Mexican authorities.

Remember though, your liability coverage only covers physical damages to your own vehicle. Whether you are in an uninsured motorist accident or whether your vehicle is damaged in a one-car accident due to a road problem, your liability policy won’t pay for repairs. Liability coverage provides for some medical benefits if you are involved in an uninsured motorist incident, but this isn’t the case in a wreck involving just your vehicle.

Mexican insurance at is required!

Full coverage  provides you with greater assurance of your damages and injuries being addressed whether you are at fault or not in an incident. Additionally, a full coverage Mexican auto insurance policy from includes provisions for theft of your vehicle. Fixed-rate deductibles make it easy to determine your out-of-pocket costs if you do have a serious accident that damages or totals your vehicle.

There are some instances in which your coverage can be nullified. Off-road driving, for example, can void your Mexican insurance at policy, (or any other policy) especially if your accident occurs in the midst of this type of activity. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can also nullify your coverage.

Mexican insurance at gives you peace of mind!

Mexican insurance at
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  • Laila Tinoco
    June 12, 2014 5:37 pm

    It is compulsory to keep your mind attentive at all times when taking highway to Mexico or better buy Mexican auto insurance for your safety and others around you.

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