Mexican insurance at and Baja Norte!

Cabo San Lucas is an exciting destination in southern Baja, located at the very tip of the peninsula. Just make sure to buy Mexican insurance at, and you’ll be set to go as you experience coastal beauty, amazing food and a culture of hospitality en route. While many tourists choose to reach the area by airplane, there is a lot to be said for the journey and the experience when you drive.  You can print your Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store from your own computer, and you can check in on details from Internet cafés along the way. Learn more about Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance

Pacific Coast Sights

As you travel, you can make your way through the coastal region of Baja Norte in a single day. However, you may want to take this leg of the trip in shorter spurts to soak in the atmosphere. Don’t forget to buy Mexican insurance at before leaving! Tijuana is very busy, providing you with the most intense multi-motorist activity of the trip. Rosarito slows down a bit for a more relaxed view of the nation. Gorgeous beaches and great restaurants beg your attention. Stop for lunch here or a little further south in Puerto Nuevo, famed for its langosta dishes. Lobster may not keep you there for long as Ensenada is just an hour south. Many stop to see La Bufadora, a popular landmark.

From Ensenada to El Rosario, you can enjoy beautiful beaches and wonderful food and markets. Take time to see the Lobera just before you reach El Rosario, the approximate midpoint of your northern Baja journey. After this, your travels on Mexican Highway 1 turn inland. Your Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is important throughout Baja Norte because the government has mandated that all motorists have appropriate coverage. You may need to show proof of your Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance at checkpoints or if you are ever stopped by police officers.

Inland Activities

You will find the mountain range through Baja to be interesting, and you want to watch for opportunities to see cave and wall paintings of ancient people along the way. Watch for narrow roads and charming towns en route. Your Mexican insurance at provides for roadside assistance if you have any serious car trouble on the way. You can spread the journey out over a few days or a couple of weeks, continuing to the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula once you cross into Baja Sur.

Consider Mexican insurance at policies for added protection at no additional cost.

Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Baja Mexico Beaches

More Pacific coast sights Baja Norte info Pacific coast sights Baja Norte

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