Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store – Mariachis, The Best in Mexico Entertainment

Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Mariachis in Mexico

Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store- Mariachis, The Best in Mexico Entertainment

Due to the long heritage of its people, Mexican song and dance performers have many years of performing celebratory and folk arts designed to educate and entertain audiences. Song and dance are generally native to the region and reflect a sect of Mexican culture, preserved in the performing arts.

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Quite possibly the most popular type of Mexican performance includes music played by Mariachis. These musicians originated during the 19th Century and were originally established for weddings.

Today, Mariachis can still be found performing weddings but also act as entertainers in town squares. Look for Mariachi presentations in tourist areas and during festival events.

Typical performance areas include: indoor restaurants, outdoor plazas and outdoor social gatherings. Their music is a soundtrack of Mexican history passed down from one generation to the next. Some of their other songs relate to love, both found and lost. Distinctively recognized by their costumes, varying sized guitars and shiny horns, Mariachis today still resemble those from yesteryear.

The unique costume was designed to be ornate looking, as the Mariachis were intended to liven up a wedding’s celebration; both with music and their attractive costume décor.

Combining a one-man musical performance with an outdoor circus act, Voladores are a five man team of musicians and acrobats. The team consists of one musician who alternates between the drums and the wooden flute. The other four men are aerial performers who climb up to 100 feet in the air and engage in dance.

As they dance, the musician helps time their movements and they eventually reach the ground. The movements are synchronized and each man covers a point: north, south, east and west.

If visiting Mexico City, be sure to experience this high-flying music and dance act in selected outdoor performances.

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