Mexican Insurance and the Architecture of Veracruz!

Veracruz is one of the most visited destinations in Mexico. The state is famous for its port, history and rich culture and traditions. Every year several people visit Veracruz especially to take a closer look at its magnificent architecture.

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Best architectural structures in Veracruz:

Zocalo and Historic Center

The Historic Center is home to numerous structures and most of them were built during colonial period. Some of the worth visiting structures in the Historic center are City Hall, the Cathedral, main post office and main square i.e., Zocalo. Constitution of Cadiz was proclaimed at this place in 1812. Apart from magnificent architectural structure, you can spend time in lush gardens. Central fountain creates a refreshing view and host several cultural and artistic events throughout the year.

El Baluarte de Santiango

This is a military construction built during colonial times around late 18th and early 19th centuries. It was primarily built to protect port of Veracruz from pirate attacks. Originally it was just a large wall around the port. But today, you can visit a museum that depicts the historical times, the city has gone through. Before start driving your vehicle in Mexico, you should buy Mexican insurance beforehand.

Cathedral of Veracruz

Cathedral of Veracruz or The Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral is strategically located in the downtown area in front of Main Square and City Hall. The Cathedral is built on the same place where early 19th century chapel was erected between 1807 and 1809. With the passage of time several improvements were made. Some of the most notable ones were the construction of vault area and the chorus. It got the status of Cathedral of the new diocese in Veracruz in 1963. Mexican insurance is one document that allows you to stay away from legal issues. Mexican auto insurance reviews and Architecture of Veracruz

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  • Carl Wisecup
    July 27, 2014 5:16 pm

    Mexico is a country rich in historic sites. Places such as Zocalo reminds many of Mexico’s colonial past through its colonial architecture. It is one of the many places I’ve visited so far and I plan to visit some more.

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