Mexican Insurance and Swimming in Tijuana!

Although Tijuana is located on the ocean, you dont really hear a whole lot about swimming or beach activities in that area; thats because there really arent any. For various reasons, Tijuanas coastline is not suitable for beach goers. If you buy Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance and drive across the border into Tijuana, dont make any plans for hitting the beach while you are in the city. You can put your Mexican auto insurance online to good use, though, and take a short trip down to Rosarito. Driving from Tijuana to Rosarito without Mexico Insurance is not advisable. Make sure that you have a current Mexican insurance policy before making the journey, which isnt an especially long one. Rosarito has plenty of beaches that you can enjoy, which is sure to add to the fun of your Mexican getaway considerably.

Hotel Pools in Tijuana

Of course, its misleading to say theres no swimming in Tijuana. Many of the nicer hotels have great outdoor pools that can be enjoyed just about all year long. If you dont especially care about being on an actual beach, then you can easily lay out in the sun and splash in the water while you  in Tijuana. Make sure to do some research about the quality of various Tijuana hotels and their pools, though, not all the places are what they are cut out to be. Taking the time to do a little extra research is sure to pay off.

Driving to Rosarito

You have two main options when driving from Tijuana to Rosarito. One, Mexico 1 Libre, is free. However, it meanders around quite a bit and can be confusing. The better option is the Mexico 1D Cuota, which is a toll road. That road takes you directly to Rosarita without a lot of hassle or confusion. Dont worry either, the toll is less than three bucks each way. The tiny extra amount that you will spend will be more than worth it when you avoid confusion and aggravation.

Visiting the Beach

Once youve made your way to Rosarita, you will be able to choose a beach and spend the day relaxing by the surf. You could ask a local which beach they would recommend, or you could just drive around until you find one that looks nice. Rosarito is a fairly small place, so you really dont have to worry about getting lost. If you plan on heading back to Tijuana the same day, you should try to make the drive while it is still daylight; driving after dark can be especially confusing and disorienting, especially in Mexico. Mexican Insurance and Swimming in Tijuana!

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  • In Mexico, you will also find a range selection of cuisines, beaches, bars, and accommodations. Visitors always want to experience these activities.

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