Mexican Insurance and Guadalajaras El Baratillo Flea Market!

Guadalajara market place, Mexico.

If youre determined to do some great shopping while youre in Guadalajara, Mexico, youll have plenty of options at your disposal. Ask most locals though, and they will tell you not to bother with the El Baratillo flea market that goes on every Sunday. After buying Mexican insurance at and making the drive down, though, you really should try to experience everything that you can in this vibrant Mexican city. While El Baratillo has a somewhat shady reputation, it is not well deserved. Youll already be saving big by using Mexico insurance; you will be able to save even more by shopping at El Baratillo. Why not invest in some good Mexico car insurance and head down to Guadalajara for some real bargain shopping? You can learn more about El Baratillo below.

The Basics About El Baratillo

If youve seen one Mexican flea market, youve seen them all, right? Wrong! Youve probably never seen anything quite like El Baratillo. Once youve successfully made it to Guadalajara, with the help of high quality car insurance for Mexico, head over to the east side of the city. Few visitors venture over to this part of Guadalajara; in general, theres not really any reason to do so. On Sundays, though, youll find the massive and thriving El Baratillo flea market. You are sure to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the market, and youll be enthralled when you see the vast array of goods that are available there.

Is El Baratillo Safe?

To hear many locals talk about it, you would think that people are constantly being robbed at El Baratillo. While you dont want to walk around flashing oodles of cash, it’s not as if you are going to be accosted at any moment. You need to use the same safety precautions that you would use in any major Mexican city, but you don’t need to be overly worried. Just use a little common sense and don’t let El Baratillos somewhat bad reputation keep you from paying a visit.

Whats So Special about El Baratillo?

El Baratillo is one of the largest flea markets in the world. Furthermore, you can find just about anything at it. Second hand goods are quite abundant here, its the perfect place to find something thats truly unique. Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with many other groceries, are readily available. You can shop for antiques in one area and for exotic pets in another. It really is an eclectic market and one that you don’t want to miss when you come to Guadalajara. By the time you leave with all of your treasures, youll be glad that you came. Mexico car insurance and Guadalajara’s El Baratillo flea market!

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