Mexican Insurance Store and Finding English-Language Entertainment Options in Mexico!

One concern many travelers face when visiting Mexico is a language barrier. For tourists fortunate enough to be fluent in both English and Spanish, this is not a problem. Many people though are not English-Spanish fluent and may be worried about keeping abreast of news and being able to find English entertainment. Not to worry, there are plenty of English- language options readily-available for travelers.

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Music is a universal language. In Mexico, folk dances are often accompanied by brass horns and varying sizes of guitars. Many times these upbeat melodies do not have words and can be understood by anyone, but what happens when there are no musical productions available? Fortunately, for travelers who may only speak English or those who’s Spanish is limited to a few phrases, there are English motion pictures available in most popular tourist towns.

Movie theaters are known as cinemas in Mexico. In popular resort areas, movies are shown in two theaters: one in English and the other in Spanish. In smaller cinemas, a movie may be shown in Spanish but will be accompanied with English subtitles. Cinemas are also home to many Mexican theater productions. While these are predominately delivered in Spanish, actors are able to provide a visual story that transcends language barriers.

English-language books and newspapers are found in many larger Mexican towns. Coffee shops, libraries and bookstores will usually have literature in languages other than Spanish. Some larger cities even have entire libraries or a section of the library holding collections of English-language books.

Television options are diverse in resort areas. Since many hotels cater to multi-lingual guests, channels in English, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages may be available. If staying in a chain hotel located in a popular tourist area, rest assured there will be English-language television channels available. Hotel gift shops will also carry popular magazines in English and Spanish languages. Prices may be more and the literature may not be the day’s newspaper, but travelers can always visit their hotel’s business center for up-to-date news.

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