Mexican Insurance and Evidence of Financial Responsibility

Senor Mex Says: Thank you for the informative post about the need for Mexican insurance. People are often confused and surprised when they find out that their U.S.-based policies wont protect them down in Mexico. The analogy about a U.S. police officer being handed a Mexican insurance policy was especially apt. Clearly, law enforcement officials in the United States wouldnt be able to make heads or tails of car insurance that originates in Mexico; why should Mexican authorities be expected to honor U.S. car insurance? You were also spot-on with your information about financial responsibility in Mexico, which a quality car insurance for Mexico policy will fulfill. These policies are so cheap and easy to buy that there is no good reason not to buy one before heading down to Mexico.

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“If a police officer in the United States pulls someone over for speeding, and they provide evidence of insurance from Mexico, should the police officer accept it as valid in the United States? Because that piece of paper was printed in Mexico it will most likely be printed in Spanish, does the police officer speak Spanish? The answer: I don’t know.”

Go online to buy high-quality Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store before you leave for your trip. Its the best way to stay safe and avoid trouble.

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