Mexican Insurance and Dining Out in Xochimilco, Mexico City!

Although it has fallen somewhat out of favor with the locals, the Xochimilco area of Mexico City is still wildly popular with tourists. The area is most famous for its vast network of canals. The water in those canals is virtually all that remains from the massive lake in which Tenochtitlan once stood. Today, brightly colored trajineras, or boats, travel along the canals. As long as you have Mexican insurance, you can head over to Xochimilco and enjoy some incredible and unique dining experiences.

How to Get to Xochimilco

Xochimilco is located in the southern part of Mexico City. To get to the city itself, you will need quality Mexican auto insurance. Once you have car insurance for Mexico and have arrived in the country, the rest is pretty easy. Just remember to keep your Mexican insurance for your trip home. Get on the blue Metro Line 2 and take it to the Tasqueno stop. From there, hop on the Tren Ligero, or light rail; and take that to the end of the line, which is Xochimilco.

Eating on the Boats

There are many different options for dining on the boats that travel on the canals of Xochimilco. A few people bring along their own food and drinks, but its often more interesting to sample the food that is found in this part of town. In that case, you could just see what floats by on the canal. There are many trajineras that sell all sorts of different food. You could easily find roasted corn on the cob, tacos, boiled corn and other goodies. One things for sure: Youre not going to go hungry.

Exploring Xochimilco

You dont have to restrict yourself to the canals to find delicious food in Xochimilco. By heading out on foot, you can find all sorts of tempting options. There are many vendors along the shores of the canals; you can find everything from rice and tortillas to chicken. Scoot over to downtown Xochimilco to find a wide array of sit down restaurants. Theres something for every price range in this part of town, so you don’t have to worry about cost. In fact, youll probably be pleasantly surprised by how affordable and delicious the meals are. Mexican insurance and dining out in Xochimilco, Mexico City!

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  • Gerry Afanador
    August 6, 2021 5:58 pm

    Cooking is fun and exciting, especially when cooking Mexican foods. But avoid cross-contamination. Separate meat from poultry, fish and vegetables.

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