Mexican Insurance and Avoiding Jail!

A quick online search will reveal that theres a whole lot of conflicting information out there about Mexican insurance and south of the border laws. Some websites claim the law requires Mexican auto insurance others state that such coverage isnt all that important. The truth is actually somewhere in the middle, although youre pretty foolish to drive around down in Mexico without proper coverage. While the authorities arent going to randomly ask to see proof that you are insured, they are going to take exception if youre involved in an accident and dont have insurance. Furthermore, your U.S. or Canadian insurance policy isnt going to do you any good; show it to the authorities, and they will just shrug their shoulders. Learn more about how you can avoid time in jail with Mexican car insurance by checking out the information below.

Liability Coverage is Crucial!

Heres the deal: Mexican authorities need to be convinced that you can handle your financial responsibilities when you are involved in an accident. They will not let you leave until they are sure that you can pay for the damages or injuries that you have caused. This is why its critical to have, at minimum, liability Mexican insurance coverage. As long as you can produce a policy that shows that you have Mexican auto insurance, the authorities should be satisfied. If you dont have car insurance for Mexico however, you will leave the authorities no choice but to put you in jail.

What about Cash?

The concept of bribing the authorities in Mexico has been way overplayed. The truth is that such transactions are few and far between these days. Thats especially true when it comes to an automobile accident; you cant just bribe the cops to get out of trouble. Even if you have a decent amount of cash on you, it probably won’t be enough to convince the authorities that you can pay for the damages. The fastest, quickest way to prove that you can make good on your financial responsibilities is by producing proof of Mexican auto insurance.

Always Buy Coverage

Finally, you may think that Mexican insurance is unnecessary if youre only going to be in the country for a single day. Isnt it true, though, that accidents can occur at any time? Just because youre only going to be in Mexico for a single day doesnt mean that you’ll magically be immune to getting into an accident. A daily insurance policy is exceptionally cheap; there is no good reason not to buy one. The small amount that youll pay will keep you out of jail, which should more than justify the expense. Mexican insurance and avoiding jail!

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