Mexican Insurance and Akumal: Turtle Lovers Paradise

Mexican Insurance and Akumal: Turtle Lovers Paradise

If looking for a place to truly get away from it all and appreciate Mexico’s natural beauty, Akumal is the place for you. In fact, Akumal’s name actually refers to nature; turtles specifically, which play an important role in Akumal’s conservation tours. Sea life, both in their natural underwater and out of water environments is what makes Akumal popular with eco-tourists. Start off by exploring the north side of Akumal; carefully looking for its lagoon. Laguna Yalka provides a great opportunity for visitors to see a variety of plant and animal life, as the lagoon is the meeting place for fresh and salt waters to come together. Be sure to bring your snorkeling equipment but if not on you, it can be rented. Its essential to buy Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store when driving in Mexico as US and Canadian policies are invalid. Yes the rumors are true if you have a car accident in Mexico and you do not have adequate Mexico insurance, you will be held until you pay damages. For more information about Mexico auto insurance visit Mexican Insurance A valid Mexican Insurance policy is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.Fees for Laguna Yalka vary based on need, but some of the fees include: admission, snorkel equipment rental, life vests, lockers and snack bar items. While this may seem like a lot of fees, per person for a snorkeling trip with lunch, expect to pay $20 for the entire outing. Should you be lucky enough to visit during sea turtle nesting season (late spring through the end of summer), make it a point to visit the Centro Ecologico Akumal, or Akumal’s Ecological Center. Make sure your schedule is free during the evening, as that is when the action begins. What kind of action, you ask? Well, sea turtles lay their eggs in areas they feel are safe but in reality, may not be the best choice. This is where volunteers come to assist by moving laid eggs to protected area where they will have the best chance for survival. To volunteer for one of these nighttime adventures, you must undergo an hour’s worth of training to learn about the importance of protecting sea turtles’ nests and how to safely ensure their survival. Then, you will assist experienced volunteers combing an assigned stretch of beach counting, marking and in come cases, even relocating turtle eggs. If looking to undertake a vacation with purpose helping the protected sea turtle is a great cause.

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  • Akumal is not just a nice name. It has a lot of nice things to offer too. Turtle watching is particularly a great. I am thinking of going there by my own car. Someone told me the Mexican insurance has a lot of affordable options.

  • Aubrey Fravel
    January 27, 2014 3:24 pm

    Just to share my thoughts – to anyone who is planning to watch turtles at Akumal, you might be spending many hours in waiting. If you have a car and it’s covered under the Mexican auto insurance, at least you won’t get stranded in one place for long.

  • Terra Crisp
    March 5, 2018 4:33 pm

    Mexico has great sightseeing and fun-filled activities. Reaching those places are easier if you have Mexico car insurance with your own car.

  • You need a minimum of liability only protection.

  • Albert Winsor
    November 3, 2020 4:49 pm

    There are tons of vacation and outdoor activities in Mexico. Fun seems endless and full of life. That’s why I love Mexico so much.

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