Mexican Houseboat Rentals!

Combining the love of boating with the need for accommodations, Mexican houseboat rentals are perfect for travelers interested in taking leisurely, coastal voyages. Eliminating the need to pay for both boat rental and lodging, houseboat rentals are becoming more popular with travelers due to their portable itineraries. This means tourists interested in seeing new locations do not have to worry about returning to their hotel rooms every night or change hotels each time a new port is reached. Before renting a houseboat, you will want to make sure all aspects of the rental contract have been verbally discussed and documented in writing.

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When booking a houseboat rental, if not interested in fishing, ask that all fishing equipment be removed. If boarded by Mexican authorities and there is fishing equipment onboard, all persons over 16 should be in procession of a fishing license. Even if not fishing, having rods and tackle onboard is going to negate honest intentions. For travelers planning on fishing, purchase fishing licenses at any harbor office and surrender them before exiting the country.

Another consideration when inquiring about houseboat rentals is return condition. Ask if you are expected to return the vessel with a full tank of marine fuel or if it is included in the rental price. Just as rental car companies charge exorbitant prices to refuel a vehicle versus doing it yourself, the same may apply for a houseboat rental. Make sure you get this information written into a contract and follow through as necessary.

Housekeeping is another issue that should be discussed in your rental contact. Some rentals charge mandatory cleaning fees while others require a significant deposit; refunded after a satisfactory inspection. If there are no mandatory cleaning fees imposed, take the initiative and clean the houseboat’s interior before arrival. Most importantly, return the houseboat in the same condition it was received. By ensuring a thorough contract has been negotiated, both the renter and the houseboat owner will have an understanding of rental expectations and expenses. Mexican Houseboat Rentals.

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