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Information or lack of information can be a humorous thing with Mexican cuisine. For example, you might try a taco de cesos before your travels because of a fear of being caught off-guard by the unusual food during your travels. Lack of information can be more serious if you travel without the right Mexico insurance for tourists. Remember that Mexican insurance coverage is not optional. Although you might opt to go without it, you are actually legally obligated to carry appropriate Mexico insurance for tourists while in Mexico.

Festive home baked chicken grill for the whole family. chicken lies on a wooden board with sauce and vegetables.

Unexpected sweet dishes in Mexico

You might suppose that Mexican cuisine is all about the heat. However, you’ll find sweet flavorings in interesting dishes as in the case of mole dulce. Mole is a dish that involves the use of a thick sauce to go with meat such as chicken. Rice usually accompanied it. Some believe that people use chocolate in the dark version of the sauce. However, the color results from the deep hues of dried chiles that are ground to create the substance of the sauce. They also sprinkled the final product with sesame seeds for presentation.

Spicy Foods in Mexico

A guide to more spicy mole made by many indigenous people of Mexico lacks the sweet flavor. The heat of Indian mole can be quite intense, but the flavor is well worth the sweat that may follow such a meal. You’ll also find mole verde in some locations.

Many people typically thought of tamales as a spicy main dish as well. However, your information may lack the subset of the tamale family that is more dessert-oriented. You’ll find tamales de elote that mirror cornbread in flavor. You can also find pineapple and strawberry varieties.

Mexico insurance for tourists


Your coverage is based on your vehicle’s value as well as on your travel time and destination. Be sure that you evaluate your itinerary and refer to it as a guide to ensure that your Mexican insurance coverage is sufficient.

Mexico insurance for tourists comes with Roadside Assistance including bail bond throughout Mexico at no additional cost!

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  • Tomasa Slaton
    October 11, 2015 5:29 pm

    Next time you visit Mexico, try this very delicious food. Tamales are wrapped in banana leaves and corn husks. They are packs of corn bread with sweet, delightful filling.Mexico insurance is a must as well.

  • Elenor Weller
    October 14, 2015 5:36 pm

    Buy your Mexican insurance and head to Mexico. Most served Tamales in Mexico are plain and simple—served without sauce. Tamales packages are traditionally steamed and served with Atole (masa drink).

  • Interesting article on Mexican cuisine I have never tried it but sounds like something that I would like to try out. I will drive to Mexico someday but not without my insurance from Mexico insurance which I can get online.

  • Stephanie Gillogly
    April 10, 2017 5:46 pm

    Remembering the late family member is associated with the feeling of peace. Usually this day is the day of connecting with friends, relatives and friends in Mexico.

  • Laurence Crouch
    November 11, 2018 6:33 pm

    Buying quality Mexican auto insurance is the most beneficial choice. No worries about what it covers you and your car.

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