Mexican Car Insurance is Important when Traveling to Baja!


Senor Mex Says: Thanks for emphasizing the importance of having at least Mexican liability car insurance while driving in Mexico. Without a doubt, many people would have much more enjoyable visits to Baja if they would take the time to buy this important coverage. The vast majority of the “horror stories” that one hears about visiting Mexico originate from people who choose to drive down without the appropriate coverage. Many times, full coverage isnt that much more expensive than liability only coverage, so its always worth considering. People who own especially nice cars or who just like to minimize the risk of facing steep repair bills should always consider buying full coverage Mexican Car insurance. The choice definitely is a personal one, of course; at minimum, though, Mexican Car Insurance liability coverage is critical.

Mexico Travel Post Excerpt

“Driving Baja and traveling to your vacation home or residence can be done with peace of mind when you buy car insurance. Take time today to look into at least purchasing liability insurance since Mexico will not honor any other liability insurance other than through a Mexico domiciled insurance company. If you are in an accident while in Mexico there is a warning that you should heed.”

Read the whole Mexico Travel post. As noted above, be sure to think carefully before choosing your Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Most of the time, its well worth it to invest in a full coverage policy. Mexican Liability insurance is considered the minimum and its important when traveling to Baja!

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