Mexican Car Insurance from – Savings On The Net

Mexican Car Insurance from – Savings On The Net

We asked one client what he thought of buying Mexican Car Insurance from at one of the booths, gas stations, or roadside stands along the border. Mexican Car Insurance from policies are a far more efficient method of quickly notifying your insurer and distributing policies to you fast by Website, E-mail or by Fax so YOU BENEFIT.

This was Dave’s comment:

“I have “Mexico” vacationed since the 70’s. Most vacationers plan their trip, drive to the border and then remember that they need to by car insurance …then they proceed to buy their policy at the closest roadside stand. This is similar to purchasing groceries at Shell or 7-11. your alternatives are slim, and you do not have any way to figure out about the quality of the insurers that peddle at the border. It’s take it or leave it, the coverage is a la carte, who knows what you are really really getting, AND they somehow add extra FEES! It’s much easier to purchase online, before you leave home!”

San Diego, CA Resident

Also consider this: Whether buying from Canada, Illinois or San Diego, there is a LARGE difference between paper generated policies and Mexican Car Insurance from electronic Internet Policies.

Paper policies, are done in the old traditional way by agents throughout California, Texas, and Arizona in local insurance agency offices or at the border and mailed to Mexico, often through the regular postal US system.

Basically, a salesman will manually fill out the paperwork, make a trip to the post office, and mail your policy. In an attempt to reduce costs, it isn’t rare to see an office wait to send policies until they sell a substantial amount of them. Sometimes this means that (unlike Mexican Car Insurance from your insurance contract is waiting at the agency for a few days before it’s posted.

Next, it can take upwards to a week for the batched lot to get past customs and make it to Mexico City, where nearly all of the major insurers are located. Then it is processed by your insurer’s system database one at a time.

The real question is what happens if you have an accident and (unlike Mexican Car Insurance from,  the company doesn’t have physical evidence of your policy within their system? What happens if you have an accident on a weekend when almost all insurance agents are closed and the ONLY company able to respond is your insurance company?

Since you need to stay at the accident scene and report all accidents, and most vehicle accidents are adjudicated within hours, having physical possession of your certificate, which needs to be verified by each insurer, is important. Mexican Car Insurance from – Savings On The Net, Is Buying From A Website BEST?

Mexican Car Insurance from

Baja California, Mexico

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