Mexican car insurance from and Junk Food Taxes in Mexico

Mexican car insurance from and Junk Food Taxes in Mexico

Señor Mex says: This article discusses the recent passage of a junk food tax in Mexico. As a foreigner visiting the country, you may not take huge notice of the increased costs on junk food, referred to a chatarra in the Spanish language.

As you travel through both large and small communities, you may enjoy stopping at little stores to check out favorite snacks of Mexican youngsters. While some brands are familiar, others will provide you with unique flavor experiences. A little extra cost on that soda may not take a huge bite out of your vacation budget, but traveling without Mexican car insurance from could do so, especially if you have an accident. Make sure that you are properly covered with quality Mexican car insurance from before you go. Effective 10-1-13 all drivers in Mexico must have Mexican car insurance from or a comparable policy.

The increase on high calorie junk food items is five percent, and the tax on chewing gum, chicle, is 16 percent. The increase on a soda is approximately a peso per liter, the equivalent of 10 cents in U.S. currency. Reactions vary as business owners of both large companies and small stands recognize that increased costs could affect their customers. At the same time, the government views the tax as an opportunity to curb health problems in the nation.

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L.A. Times article:

It may soon cost more to get fat in Mexico.
New taxes on high-calorie junk food and sugary drinks were approved by Mexico’s lower house of Congress in a marathon 18-hour session that ended Friday morning.

Read the rest of the article here.

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Mexico Junk Food Tax

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