Mexican Car Insurance from Mexican Insurance – Visiting Mexico by Plane

Mexican Car Insurance from Mexican Insurance – Visiting Mexico by Plane Travel Checklist

While many travelers arrive and depart Mexico using their personal vehicles or cruise ships, most choose air travel. This allows visitors a more diverse selection of arrival/departure locations and provides quicker travel.

If you are driving in Mexico, remember that you will need Mexican Car Insurance from Mexican Insurance as US and Canadian Car Insurance is invalid in Mexico. This information is brought to you by Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance , the best choice online provider of Mexico Auto Insurance coverage. Mexican Car Insurance from Mexican Insurance is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Planning for an airplane ride is different for all travelers, however sometimes even the most experienced traveler tends to overlook important items. Here are a few considerations when packing for your Mexican vacation holiday.

Medications – Due to the high altitude of some Mexican cities and the smog associated with Mexico City, if visiting one of these locations and you are an asthmatic, have your inhaler readily-available. Travelers, regardless of condition, should keep their medications with them along with a copy of their original prescription in case they are stopped by Customs.

Air travelers prone to air sickness should purchase motion-sickness patches or medication before embarking on their flights. Remember to purchase enough for both the incoming and return flights home, and allow for any delays.

Children – Bring plenty of activities to keep children busy. Flights may designate a certain length but delays happen. Plan to bring a variety of different books, toys, Cd’s, and Dvd’s to keep children stimulated. If your child has never flown before, prepare him/her on what to expect and how important it is to stay in his/her seat and use an inside voice.

Important Documents РAlways keep your passport, credit cards, jewelry and other personal valuables on you. Likewise, any important documents containing identifying information should be kept close. Make copies (front and back) of each and scan to your computer. Upload to an email account. Mexico has a variety of Internet access points and in the event you need to call and cancel a lost/stolen credit card, the information will be readily available. For more info about Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance visit Mexican Insurance 

Mexican Car Insurance from Mexican Insurance comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

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