Mexican Car Insurance for Culiacan Mexico – Hunting Near The City?

vista a todo el valle de Culiacán, Sinaloa, México.

Do you miss your city while spending your vacation in some other city or in another country? Tourists from metropolitan cities tend to miss their fast paced life and luxury. There are several tourist destinations all over the world where you can get a similar kind of ambience as that of your own city. However, you still visit those expensive cities just to experience the uniqueness of the area, don‘t you? If you’re looking to spend your vacations in Mexico without leaving behind the city life, you should visit Culiacan, a business oriented city yet provide things that may not be available in one place only. While holidaying in Culiacan, you can explore through museums, refresh yourself in superb resort of Nuevo Altata and feel the excitement with your family in the water parks.

Before gearing up your vehicle, make sure quality Mexican Auto Insurance is backing you. If you choose to drive in Mexico, buying Mexican Car Insurance is a must. Search online before your travels begin to find the best rates for Mexico Car Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. You can also print your policy instantly before your travel begins. Mexican Driving insurance may be the most important item you pack to ensure you are covered properly and you enjoy peace of mind while traveling.

However, the activity that makes a visit to the city a must is HUNTING, which has been banned in the majority of Mexico cities. Culiacan has emerged as one of the best hunting destinations in recent times. Hunters from the United States and Canada visit the city to hunt dove, duck and quail. If you want to hit the bull’s eye, you should visit the city from November to March. For better hunting experience, you should go for hunting clubs such as La Pichiguila and Patolandia. Your hunting experience will be well complimented by fascinating natural landscapes. After counting your birds, you should drive towards Nuevo Altata which is just 30 minutes drive away from the city.

Nuevo Altata is strategically located on the shores of Sea of Cortez. Whether you want some adventure, just want to relax by the waters or want to taste the delicious Mexican cuisine, the local resorts have everything readily available. This resort is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for Canadian families as kids can have fun in the waters without any worries. Culiacan is also famous for its parks. If you’re traveling with your better half, this is the best place to revive your romance as you can go for boat ride in the artificial lakes and take your love away from the eyes of the others. Culiacan Mexico – Hunting Near The City?

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  • Mistie Slane
    June 9, 2013 6:39 pm

    I love going back to Culiacan because of its botanical garden. The fresh air that it brings makes me want to go back for more attractions. I also admire the Sanaloma Dam’s tranquil nature.

  • Sonny Devegvar
    August 19, 2013 5:52 pm

    Bird hunting is popular in Mexico. People who come from states where bird hunting is banned or those who want a new experience can travel to Culiacan Mexico.

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