There are many ways to reach Puebla when you drive from the United States through Mexico. Your driving time could range from about 12 hours via the Matamoros border crossing to 24 hours from Nogales. Whichever route you take, adventure lies ahead. Make sure you get your Mexican car insurance at online before you go so that you can be ready to move ahead without trivial interruptions at the border. Your Mexico insurance from can be quoted and purchased at your convenience from your own home. Remember October 1, 2013, all drivers in Mexico must have Mexican car insurance at for Your Trip to Puebla or its a $125.00 fine.

Puebla Fame

The city of Puebla may be thought of in culinary terms, and some note it especially for its wonderful foods. The city also provides beautiful colonial architecture and bright hues that may cause it to be thought of as crayon-colored. The battle of Puebla in 1862 took place on May 5, a date that gets more recognition in the U.S. than in the nation of Mexico. However, residents of Puebla enjoy celebrating the event locally.

When you buy your Mexican car insurance at, you may note that the recommended liability limits in the state of Puebla are some of the lowest in the Republic of Mexico. With compensation to the dependents of a decedent in a third-party accident placed at just $5,454 U.S., you might be tempted to opt for a cheaper policy when you buy Mexico insurance from However, you need to remember that your route to Puebla and home again will take you through many states, and some of the highest liability limits may lie along that path. It’s important to map out your entire drive as you consider your choice of Mexican car insurance from In fact, there isn’t a huge discrepancy in costs between low and high-limit policies, making it a wise consideration to select the highest limits available for a multi-state trip.

How Long Will You Stay?

A short stay in the beautiful city won’t allow you to enjoy even a fraction of the beauty to be observed. Chapels, workshops, cafés and plazas beckon, and you will want plenty of time to get your fill of special dishes like mole poblano. If your trip will be more than a three-week event, long-term Mexican car insurance at is ideal for protecting you as you drive.

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Puebla Mexico Streets

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