Mexican Car Insurance and the Guitar Festival of Paracho, Mexico!

Man playing his guitar.

As a music lover, you are probably always looking for new ways to expand your creative horizons. If trips to your local music supply store just arent doing it for you anymore, its time to head south of the border. Buy yourself some Mexican Car insurance from and steer your car down to the Mexican state of Michoacan during the second week of August. In the town of Paracho, you will be able to experience La Feria de la Guitarra, the guitar festival.

Why Make the Trip?

It may seem a bit silly to drive all the way down to Paracho just to experience a guitar festival. However, auto insurance for Mexico is very cheap; furthermore, the town itself is known as the Guitar Capital of the World all around Mexico. The indigenous peoples of the area have been making amazing guitars since the 19th century. A few of them even got to be reviewed by a professional flamenco guitarist on With the purchase of Mexican auto insurance and a few days of driving, you can get down to Paracho in time to enjoy the fun filled seven xday event. Youll be happy you took the time to buy Mexico insurance when you see how exciting the event is.

About Paracho’s Guitar Making History

It’s not a fluke the guitar festival is held in Paracho during the second week of August each year. After all, the town has cultivated and enjoyed a reputation as a guitarmaking capital for several centuries now. The beautiful handcrafted guitars that come out of the town are truly amazing to behold. While youre not going to find rock bottom prices on authentic local guitars, you will be able to find something that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Theres simply no other place like this in Mexico.

About the Festival

A lot happens during the Feria de la Guitarra in Paracho, which is located about 60 miles west of the state capital, Morelia. Many different parades occur during the daytime; at night, several concerts are held. You can watch guitar playing competitions, which take place frequently throughout the event. Its also easy to watch the guitar making process in person. If youd like to get a more in depth feel for the process, you could even participate in a workshop during the festival. By the time it is over, you will have a deep appreciation for the amazing art and skill of the people of this region. Mexican insurance and the guitar festival of Paracho, Mexico!

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