Mexican Car Insurance and Enjoying a Safe Business Trip!

Like many people, you may find yourself heading into Mexico on business from time to time. Its easy enough to get into Mexico, but do you really know how to stay safe while youre there? Do you always take care to buy Mexican car insurance at before crossing the border? If so, do you buy your Mexican auto insurance from a shack at the border? If you do, youre paying too much and might even be getting inferior Mexico car insurance. Learn more about this important topic below.

The Border isnt Worth It

Its not worth it to buy Mexican car insurance at the border. Those shacks are set up to take advantage of people who didnt plan ahead properly. By law, you have to take financial responsibility i.e. Mexican auto insurance while you are in Mexico. People who forget to buy it before they get to the border have no choice but to buy it from one of those shacks. As a result, the shacks have no reason not to charge high prices. After all, people have no place else to go. At that point, travelers have to pay whatever the shacks are charging for Mexico car insurance.

You will Get Taken Advantage Of

Even if you dont mind paying way too much for Mexican car insurance, theres something else that you should know: You could easily end up with less than reliable coverage. Indeed, the shacks at the border have been known to sell unsuspecting travelers policies from unrated carriers that arent worth as much as a higher rated policy, and often at the same price. You could end up facing a lot of serious trouble despite the fact that youve ponied up money for Mexican auto insurance. In other words, you could be taken for a ride and end up sitting in jail while down in Mexico.

Get there and Back Safely

You doubtlessly want to take care of your business in Mexico and return home as quickly and safely as possible. In order to do that, it’s imperative to have Mexican auto insurance on you at all times. It may be annoying to pay for Mexico car insurance, but it will help you avoid a lot of very serious trouble. Make sure to check and see if your employer will reimburse you for the cost of this coverage too. If they are paying for your gas and other costs, they might agree to pay for your Mexican car insurance, which will allow you to save even more money.

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  • Kaylene Sarabia
    July 25, 2014 5:04 pm

    Mexico has many opportunities for savvy businesspersons. However, you have to be shrewd enough to avoid being fleeced. One of the common ways by which businesspeople get fleeced is through inflated Mexico insurance cover at the border points.

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