Mexican Border Insurance from Why Not My US Policy?

Mexican Border Insurance from Why Not My Home Policy?

Thinking about driving into Mexico without Mexican border insurance from Think again for your own sake. Even if you stay in the border zone, your liabilities are not covered by your home policy. Although some at-home coverage may address damages to your vehicle if you have a collision south of the border, your Mexican insurance from meets the requirements of Mexican authorities for you to be considered financially able to meet any obligations for damages and injuries attributed to your actions. Your home policy alone may leave you in a very bad position if you wreck.

Why Doesn’t My Home Policy Work?

The Mexican authorities require that you are covered for your liability in an accident. In the event of a fatality that is your fault, you are responsible for the equivalent of 5,000 days’ pay to the dependents of the decedent. This varies by state, but some border states have very high limits. Baja Norte’s limits, for example, exceed $150,000. Your north-of-the-border policy isn’t recognized. Further, it probably doesn’t cover payments to others. Its primary focus is covering your damages to your own vehicle. Lack of the right Mexican border insurance from will leave you answering tough questions, probably from a Mexican jail. You will also lack the legal assistance and bail bond coverage provided in your Mexican insurance from if you try to cut this important cost before you enter Mexico.

Additional Concerns Before You Cross the Border with Mexican border insurance from

If you are still paying on your vehicle loan, you need to have written permission from your lien holder before you cross the border. If something happens, this may be required by the authorities. Additionally, you should have your registration in the vehicle. If you drive a vehicle that isn’t yours, you are wise to carry a written letter of permission that indicates your authorization to have the vehicle in Mexico. There tends to be a perception that authorities will be easy on tourists. After all, isn’t much of the border economy based on tourism? Although tourism is an important economic factor in border cities, your responsibilities aren’t negated. Carry your documents for your Mexican border insurance from so that you don’t have to find out the hard way about the serious nature of obeying foreign laws.

Mexican Border Insurance from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican Border Insurance from

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